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"The world is but a canvas to our imagination."

Henry David Thoreau

Children's Non-Fiction

Born in 1867, Maria Sklodowska was a fiercely determined and proud Polish girl. Her resilience and determination in the face of overwhelming odds would lead her to become one of the most celebrated physicists in history. This fascinating story of a real life wonder woman is written for kids in 4th-8th grade. *not yet published

Latest Novel

My debut middle grade novel centers on thirteen-year-old Gwen Thomas. After her older sister Bernadette dies, Gwen finds herself forced by her parents to see a therapist. Deeply resentful, Gwen begins journaling the events of the past year to try to make sense of it all. She shouldn't have to do this. She doesn't want to do this. She should be writing about her achievement as the only girl on the boys' baseball team at her small town middle-senior high school. Instead she's writing about pain. About fear. About what happens when rumors get twisted and she finds herself the victim of a prejudice that hits a little too close to home. *Currently seeking representation.

Author's Life

I grew up with my extended family in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York state. I began writing my first novel at the age of seven, and am still trying to locate the original manuscript. I remember the main character, Jenny, went grocery shopping with her mother, and there was an intense scene over a box of cereal. My actual childhood was far less dramatic.

Living in a home that rested on nearly 100 acres of woods and fields, I was provided ample room for my imagination to soar and the peace and quiet to devour books whole. Ten days after graduating college, I moved to North Carolina where I live today, once again in the woods, and surrounded by a family that includes my husband, four children, parents, and four-legged friends.

Author's Experience

Every job I have had has centered on my love of the written word: from bookselling, tutoring, and a journalism internship in college, to a professional technical writing & editing career soon after. Since having children, I have stayed home to care for my family and write. My non-fiction children's articles have appeared in FACES and CALLIOPE magazines, and for nearly 15 years I regularly wrote maternal and child health articles for a parenting wellness blog. I am an ardent letter-writer to my family and friends (although really nice stationery is hard to find these days.)

I enjoy running (at an Elmer Fudd gait and pace), hiking in spite of ophidiophobia, taking historic tours and delving into American history, cooking from-scratch meals while crooning to Dean Martin & Bobby Darin, baking fresh bread and pastries (and a ridiculous number of holiday cookies--more than 700), volunteering in the community (diaper bank, food bank, teaching ESL), learning new languages (because I want to know all the Italian words to “Volare” as well as shout at my kids in German) and reading, reading, reading. I'm a member of SCBWI, the Authors Guild, and my son's (highly exclusive) Candy Club.

I am currently working on my next children's novel.