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I grew up with my extended family in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York state. I began writing my first novel at the age of seven, and am still trying to locate the original manuscript. I remember the main character, Jenny, went grocery shopping with her mother, and there was an intense scene over a box of cereal. My actual childhood was far less dramatic.


Living in a home that rested on nearly 100 acres of woods and fields, I was provided ample room for my imagination to soar, as well as the peace and quiet to devour books whole. Ten days after graduating college, I moved to North Carolina where I live today, once again in the woods, and surrounded by a family that includes my husband, four children, parents, and four-legged friends.


In addition to spending time with my family, I enjoy hand-writing letters, running, hiking in spite of ophidiophobia, visiting historic sites, museums, zoos, and aquariums, cooking from-scratch meals while singing to top hits that span across seven decades, baking fresh bread and pastries (including 750 holiday cookies one weekend each year), volunteer work, and, of course, reading.